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Oats for Gains

In a world full of nutrition and sport trends, getting confused while choosing the right foods for your own goals is something you cannot outrace. As a start, here is an interesting fact: there is no such thing as certain nutrient serving only one certain goal! It all depends on how you include that nutrient within your diet plan and the serving amounts of it.

When it comes to oatmeal’s weight loss benefits, the image is becoming clearer and trendy day after day. However, did you know how amazing oats could be for gains?
In bulking, protein is one of the main macronutrient you should definitely include in your diet every day and in great amounts, but there is a more important nutrient that will certainly push you towards your weight and muscle mass-gaining goals, that is: carbohydrates.

Bulking means two things: intensive workout sessions and a proper diet plan. Starting with intensive training sessions, these sessions require real, explosive energy levels in order to build, gain and get the most out of your workout. Since carbs are the main source of your body’s energy, you will use them while working out as energy to achieve the hardest, heaviest and longest sessions ever.

Moving on to including big amounts of carbs in a proper diet plan, a high carbohydrates diet will help your body with “muscle glycogen re-synthesis”, which is simply getting proteins processed by your body for greater muscle growth, due to the considerable amounts of carbs available in it.

Going back to our key nutrient here: oatmeal! 100 g of raw oats include 66.3g of carbs (66% of oats is carbs), 390 calories, 17g of protein, 10.6g of fiber and 7g of fat, in addition to vital vitamins and minerals such as manganese, phosphorus, copper, vitamin B1, selenium, magnesium and zinc. Looking at these facts, you can simply realize that oats is actually one the most important foods for clean, healthy and successful bulking! Oats could accompany you all the way in many shapes: in protein shakes, breakfast, snacks, and more. This goes back to the fact that oats is a rich, healthy base for several types of meals, which goes great with random toppings and additives based on your preference and caloric needs. Instead of bulking up through fast food and sugars, clean bulking will take you to a completely new fitness level on the long run, with stronger body, better health and gains that you will certainly maintain.

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