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MCT Oil What? From Where? How Is It Good For You?

What Is It?

Medium Chain Triglycerides”; this is what MCT stands for. MCT oil is a specific type of fatty acid, which doesn’t need to be digested by the stomach due to their shorter length, as they bypass the gut and go directly to the liver.

Sources of MCT Oil

MCT oil is mostly extracted from coconut oil, which is 60% MCT oil. Other sources of MCT oil are palm kernel oil (50% MCT oil) and dairy products with the least percentage of MCT oil: 10-12%.

MCT Oil’s Benefits

There must be a reason why we have picked this great oil to talk about. MCT Oil’s benefits might surprise you, big time!

  1. MCT oil promotes weight loss. There are two types of hormones in our bodies that promote the feeling of fullness: peptide YY and leptin. MCT oil works to increase the release of these two hormones, making you feel fuller for longer.
    Researches and science have proven that MCT oil reduces body weight and waist circumference too!
  2. MCT oil is an instant source of energy. Because MCT oil goes straight from the gut to you liver, it travels quickly to the body cells and can be easily used as an immediate source of energy.
  3. MCT oil improves your gut health. When used within a healthy, balanced diet for the long run, MCT oil can improve your gut health, as it works to improve the balance of gut bacteria and combat pathogenic bacteria.
  4. MCT oil boosts your workout. This goes back to the fact that MCT oil helps you exercise for longer and improves your stamina.

Riding a journey towards better nutrition will never let you down, as it will surely result in better overall health and stronger body on the long run. So, if supplementing yourself with MCT oil is not on your list, try at least using its sources (coconut oil or palm kernel oil) as replacements for the type of oil you usually use, in order not to miss these incredible health benefits.

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